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A cool walk on high ground round Chantelermuze hillside.

5 points of interest

  • Small patrimony

    Oil mill and bread oven in Chantelermuze

    The rebuilding of this mill by the association Chantelermuze began in 1997 along with the village bread oven which came into being in 1999. Although recent in construction, these works remind us of the fact that during the Middle Ages people gathered together to bake their bread or grind their cereals for extracting oil.
  • Notre Dame de Navas

    The chapel of Notre Dame de Navas dates back to the 10th century (black Virgin). Here at Notre-Dame de Navaz where a hair of the Virgin should be honored was already mentioned in 1062 in the charter of Navaz of the Cartulary of Saint Bernard. Source Ardèche-Hermitage
  • Panorama

    Viewing point

    From here you can see the three belltowers of the village of Saint Victor : Deyras, Navas and Saint Victor with its indented tower.
  • Panorama

    Viewing point

    At the top of the path splendid view overlooking the village of Saint Victor
  • Chantelermuze : words have roots !

    The first part of the word « Chante » is of pre-indo-european origin « Kanta », meaning a rocky slope or a pile of stones and rocks. Different French regional dialects also offer origins like in Provence « Cantarel » or in Auvergne « Cantarena » (the name of the county Cantal stems from this). The second part «Lermuze » comes from late Latin "Acrimuza", a sort of small lizard with a pointed snout living in stone walls and very common in the South East. As for the word Serre, it means a long and narrow ridge in the south of France. Here in le Serre de Chantelermuze you can find the old farm Raucoule in ruins where once long ago families used to make matchsticks for smugglers.


1 - Pont de Pouyol - 559 m Follow Saint Jeure d'Ay 6.3 km
Follow the small road to the holiday village then the path through the campsite leading you to the small road going towards the Bessons. From here you can see the château de Pouyol on your right.

2 - Les Bossons - 566 m Suivre Saint Jeure d'Ay 5.5 km
Go along the pretty grass track leading to Navas. Go through the hamlet past the 12th century chapel then onto the small road. At the first junction turn left then right at the second one. The small main road takes you up through fields with stone terraces and walls. Turn left onto an uphill track. When you reach the hunters’ cabin leave the main path and turn right into the woods. After a descent in the forest you come out at the hamlet of Royol.

3 - Royol - 530 m Suivre Pont de Pouyol 5.1 km
Follow the small uphill road

4 - Veyres - 571 m Follow Pont de Pouyol 4.3 km
Keep to the main path of siliceous (quartz) rock stone, going up at the start then down afterwards. The path comes out of the forest above the maison de la Poule and overlooks the village of Préaux and the Val d’Ay. Turn left, off the main path, before getting to the following downhill slope, onto a stone track taking you to the old hamlet of Chanaux. Go through the hamlet and up through the old chestnut trees. A long downhill slope in the woods takes you back down to Pont de Pouyol.
  • Departure : Saint Victor - Chantelermuze campsite
  • Arrival : Saint Victor - Chantelermuze campsite
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Victor

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Bus N° 11 Tournon sur Rhône - Saint Félicien - Lalouvesc Bus stop at Pont de Pouyol

Access and parking

From Tournon sur Rhône head towards Saint Félicien on the D238 then the D532 stopping at Saint Victor.

Parking :

Chanterlermuze campsite

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