Lalouvesc - Tournon sur Rhône difficult
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Lalouvesc - Tournon sur Rhône difficult

Lalouvesc - Tournon sur Rhône difficult

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Quite an interesting trail through a lot of woodland. The route is divided into three sections : the first one in the forest, the second one through more agricultural land on the plateau and the final one overlooking the river Doux gorges and its scenery.


1 - Lalouvesc - Follow N°101 Red.
Go down the main road towards Satillieu and take the first path on the right near the village water treatment plant.

2 - Le Bois Noir – Follow N°101 Red.
Continue on the track entering into the forest. On a right bend don’t miss the narrow path to the right going down in between pine trees. Follow the trail markings passing through a succession of crossroads. You come out onto a wider track. Go along the track for a few metres before turning sharp right onto a path through woodland. Further down you will come to a track taking you across the dale and a little way up the other side.

3 - Combe – Follow N°101 Red
Stay on the track going past a farm pasture and bee hives. In the middle of the field bear sharp right onto the uphill slope. Go onto the downhill path as you come out of the field and down into another dale. Continue over to the other side.

4 - Le Buisson – Follow N°101 Red
Go out of the hamlet on the road leading to it then onto the road going downhill on the right. Bear right immediately, go through the gate and onto the path becoming steeper as you go along.

5 – Col du Marchand – Follow N°100 Blue
Cross the main road onto a pleasant forest route going slightly uphill. Further on you will come across another rough and technical section.

6 - Pourchat – Follow N°102 Blue
Continue ahead on the level forest route on the left.

7 - La Côte de Bruchet - Follow N°103 Red
Leave the forest route for the incline taking you up to the ridge over some quite rough sections then onto a more easy-going forest track between beech trees. The slope down the other side is sporty and enjoyable.

8 - Croix de Lyonnet - Follow N°103 Red
Go right onto the wide track skirting the dale. When you reach the hamlet turn right onto a grass path leading into woodland which becomes quite rough towards the end.

9 - Bois de Meyannes - Follow N°102 Blue
Carry on along the same track towards Col du Juvenet to finish off the downhill incline. Cross the main road and head up towards Montplot on the steep incline.

10 - Montplot - Follow N°102 Blue
Turn left onto the path when you see the pretty stone hamlet facing you then bear right at the first fork. Continue on the easy-going track that becomes a road over the other side which is the start of the downhill run towards Saint Victor.

11 - Gounon - Follow N°102 Blue
At the T junction turn right onto the road.

12 - Les Bauds - Follow N°102 Blue
Bear sharp left onto the windy path, with gates all the way along and quite technical towards the end. Go into the village.

13 - Saint Victor - Follow N°102 Blue
From the village square go through the narrow alleys leading onto the road towards Corsas. When you get to la Croix des Rameaux, bear left down into orchards. A little further down you come to a hamlet. Head towards the road to avoid going through. At the following crossroads turn left onto the road going downhill. In the middle of some fields take the grass path leading into the woods and carry on through.

14 - Laumache - Follow N°102 Blue
Turn right onto the small road as far as the hamlet.

15 - Corsas – Follow N°102 Blue
At the crossroads 4 routes turn left through the hamlet between the château and its farmyard. Cross the main road and continue the small road facing you towards Etables. A steep uphill climb awaits you near the Lac de Jointine. Go through the Sylvester pine woods then onto a country path straight ahead. It takes you to the other side of the village.

16 - Etables - Follow N°102 Blue
Leave the village on the D229.

17 - La Chapelle Bosc - Follow N°105 Red
Continue ahead on the main road for a few metres then right onto the route de Morens.

18 - Bois de Verne - Follow N°105 Red
Carry on ahead on the road then bear left towards Domaine du Moulin. The road becomes a track and plunges down into the dale before heading back up the other side where it becomes steep and rough. At the top on the plateau go onto the wide track facing you. Go onto the small lane leading to the main road. After a few hundred metres along the main road turn right onto another road.

19 - Les Grands Bois - Follow N°105 Red
Continue ahead along the lane.

20 - Les Terres Grasses - Follow N°105 Red
Take the steep incline on the right down to heath-like ground. Go along the windy path overlooking the Gorges du Doux, before going back up a pretty steep slope towards Gouny and Monerone. Go back onto the interesting GR trail heading down to the where the gorges come out. The downhill incline finishes on a small road taking you to the lovely bridge over the river Doux.

21 - Le Grand Pont – Follow N°105 Red
Go over the bridge onto the main road and head towards Tournon. At the restaurant turn left then left again going round the campsite. Zigzag along the single track running parallel to the river Doux joining the dam further on.

22 - Rochebonne – Follow N°105 Red
Continue along the dam following the river until you reach the bridge.

23 - Pont du Doux
Head towards the town of Tournon on the ViaRhôna cycling track.
  • Departure : Lalouvesc - Lake square
  • Arrival : Tournon-sur-Rhône - Rue Pasteur
  • Towns crossed : Lalouvesc, Vaudevant, Saint-Victor, Étables, Lemps, Saint-Jean-de-Muzols, and Tournon-sur-Rhône

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Bus route N° 11 Tournon sur Rhône - Saint Félicien - Lalouvesc equipped with bike-rack during the summer season. .

Access and parking

Follow the D532 from Saint Félicien to Lalouvesc.

Parking :

Lake square

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