Tour du Pays de Saint Félicien - Stage 3 : Corsas - Bozas

Tour du Pays de Saint Félicien - Stage 3 : Corsas - Bozas

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The ramble starts at Corsas then going on to Deyras before plunging down into the atmosphere of the river Daronne gorges and Saint Sorny's chapel. The trail then takes you up to Colombier le Vieux then between orchards and fields onto Bozas.

6 points of interest

  • Deyras

    One of the three hamlets having given birth to the current village of Saint Victor. Even if we are not exactly on unified land here, in 1937 the « deyrasiens » (people of the hamlet of Deyras) asked for their independence which was refused. The church is one of the three bell towers of Saint Victor (born from the joining up of 3 hamlets, Saint Victor, Deyras and Navas). Its statue of the Virgin Mary dating back to 1886 is built on a plot of land belonging to a lady called Madame de l’Hermuzière who was a very important person in the history of the town of Annonay as she founded the convent belonging to the Ursulines order. Don’t miss the beautiful panorama of fruit orchards around you and the view overlooking the beginning of the river Daronne gorges.
  • Panorama

    Viewing point

    Splendid view looking down into the intertwining Daronne Gorges
  • The footbridge of Saint Sorny

    Installed in 2007, this footbridge enables you to cross the river Daronne. You are here, at the heart of l’espace naturel sensible (sensitive nature zone) of the river Daronne gorges. However this cable bridge is not the first one crossing the river as long ago, the villages of Colombier le Vieux and Saint Victor were already linked by a bridge used mainly by farmers going to the market to sell their produce. We can easily imagine their consternation when the original bridge was carried away by floods in 1963 !
  • Fauna

    The secret nature of the Daronne Gorges

    Only a few kilometres from the Rhône Valley discover the Daronne Gorges ; a secluded haven make it an exceptional site part of a zone recently labelled "Espace Naturel Sensible" (sensitive nature zone) by the county authorities. A walk full of surprises through this breathtaking, secretive valley being at the same time so close yet so remote. To make the most of this educational trail make sure you have the appropriate kit. So on with your walking boots ! Find details about the trail on site (kit can be purchased in our tourist offices).
  • Panorama

    Viewing point

    Splendid view overlooking the Daronne Gorges
  • Colombier le Vieux

    Bordered by the Daronne and Doux rivers’ gorges the village of Comombier le Vieux dominates the surrounding landscape. Other than its undeniable nature heritage, you will also find beautiful traces of lordship architecture dating back to XVlth century with the château de Bellecombe recently restored aliong with the fortified manor house of Ruissas. Colombier le Vieux was used to illustrate the book La Maison Rouge by Maurice Genevoix. The latter tells how the village was passed to the Huguenots and targeted by a troop paid by the catholics. A book to enjoy reading.


1 – Corsas – 520m Follow Deyras 2.4km
Ignore the white and yellow trail markings turning left and take the small road opposite you along a stone wall towards Chirol.

2 – Chirol – 490m Follow Deyras 3.2km
Turn right onto the path going past a large farm building. It leads to a small road at La Roche Ensoleillée.

3 – Bonnefond – 480m Follow Deyras 2.7 km
Go down to the RD578, turn right for a few metres then left going through Victouron farm. Go down the road and at the next junction, turn left onto the tarmac road (past the maison Payat). Carry on down then just before the maison du Cros, go downhill through the field. Bear left a little further down, cross the stream then climb up the path on the other side. Go past a track on your right and continue uphill. A little further up bear right along a field past the maison du Sauzet. Cross a big field leading you to a small lane. Turn left uphill to the next junction then right taking you to the hamlet of Deyras.

4 – Deyras - 470 m Follow Saint Sorny 3.5 km Colombier le Vieux 8.3 km
(toilets and drinking water next to the Info rando information board) Follow the small road going down to Méjon. After the house turn right onto the path taking you to the river Daronne. (At the following fork bear left into the woods). Go down to the river and cross over on the footbridge in Saint Sorny then up on the left towards the lovely hamlet situated in a curve of the river. Before the 20th century this footbridge was essential for the inhabitants of the area, particularly those of Deyras. Destroyed by a flood in 1963, it was rebuilt in 2013 thanks to a joint project of the local villages.

5 - Saint Sorny - 255 m Follow Chemin de Chatelet 350m Colombier le Vieux 4.3 km Keep on the main path until you get to the rambling trail crossroads.

6 - Chemin de Chatelet - 280 m Follow Colombier le Vieux 4.3 km
Go up the small path then after the bend turn left onto a track and keep going uphill. Follow this lovely trail through the forest until you get to the Hamlet La Grange. Go through a piece of private land (please close the gates) then right onto a track.

7 - La Grange - 410 m Follow Colombier le Vieux 3.1 km
Follow the road to the hamlet Palisse. Turn left and go through there then follow a path going through orchards to reach Chardon.

8 - Chardon - 420 m Follow Colombier le Vieux 1.4 km
Follow the road.

9 - La Croisette - 418 m Follow Colombier le Vieux 600m.
Carry on along the small road to the village.

10 - Colombier le Vieux - 420 m
Follow A Sapet 4.9 km Bozas 6.2 km Go through the village. As you leave turn right onto the country lane just before the cemetery. Cross a small road and head opposite onto a path. Go into a field through a gate near a small chapel then out of the field. Go through a cherry tree orchard to reach the Cimes. Take the small road opposite leading to the D234. Follow the road ahead for a few metres then turn left onto a path going along the wall of a property then into fields. At the junction between the fences turn right up to the Champs. Go through the hamlet then across a small road to go through an orchard.  

11 - A Sapet - 470 m Suivre Bozas 1.3 km
Cross the main road and go up the grass track opposite bringing you to a small road going uphill. Continue on this road.

12 - La Garenne - 540 m Suivre Bozas 300m
Head North West on the small road to Bozas
  • Departure : Saint Victor - Hameau de Corsas
  • Arrival : Bozas - Village centre
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Victor, Colombier-le-Vieux, and Bozas

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Follow the D532 from Saint Félicien towards Tournon sur Rhône. On arriving in Saint Victor on the central fountain square turn right onto the road taking you down to the hamlet of Corsas.

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